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Resassurance Cores inneholder essensielle oljer som er kjent for sine beroligende effekter. La notene til lavendel, sedertre og bergamot være din hjelp med FUM for å trekke pusten dypt og bekjempe følelser av stress, uro og frykt.

Introducing Reassurance Cores: the Blend to Combat Stress and Promote Calm

Worry can easily consume our emotions and become an obstacle in our lives. FUM is excited to release Reassurance Cores; cores that were specifically formulated to promote calm and help decrease feelings of stress! Reassurance Cores are created with essential oils that are known to have calming effects. Enjoy the benefits of essential oils by combating negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety and stress.

FUM is working to empower people to choose a healthy lifestyle and create positive habits. One element of this is to find ways to support emotional and mental stability. Many people struggle with sleep, relaxation, anxiety or stress. Reassurance Cores in your FUM can provide a better way for you to support your emotional health in the midst of chaos.


Each Reassurance Cores package is made with oils that are known to specifically reduce stress and promote feelings of calm:

Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender is a popular essential oil that encourages relaxation. Studies show that this oil reduces anxiety and stress. Lavender essential oil contains a component (Linalool) that is believed to have a calming effect on the body.

Bergamot Essential Oil: It is proven that bergamot works to alleviate stress and anxiety. This essential oil is primarily known for its pleasant scent. Bergamot essential oil releases an appealing aroma that works actively as a mood booster.

Orange Essential Oil: One of the most common uses of orange essential oil is to ease and treat stress, providing individuals with a sense of motivation, clarity and relaxation. With this oil’s appealing scent and compounds that provide soothing effects, Orange essential oil has been proven to act as a natural antidepressant.

Cedarwood Essential Oil: Cedarwood essential oil is known to be a “grounding” oil. Its earthy aroma provides soothing effects known to alleviate stress. Cedarwood is also a powerful tool to suppress anxiety and can be used as a sleeping aid.

Lime Essential Oil: Similar to lemon essential oil, Lime Oil contains vitamin C, acting as an immunity and mood booster. Lime Oil can fight against fatigue and encourage motivation and focus.


With sweet, lightly citrus and floral taste profiles, Reassurance Cores are formulated to support emotional well being through their calming properties. FUM understands life’s obstacles and hardships and believes utilizing the benefits of essential oils can significantly enhance a person’s life. It is so important to support your emotional and mental health.  With Reassurance Cores and FUM, you can take action to promote healthy well-being.




Kjerner eller «Core» som det kalles på engelsk bruker du sammen med Füm-inhalator. Du kan bruke ferdige kjerner, som er blandet for et spesielt formål.
Hver kjernepakke inneholder fire individuelle kjerner infundert med rene, essensielle oljer av terapeutisk kvalitet.


FORSIKTIG: Ikke alle essensielle oljer er trygge for graviditet, barn eller for å bli blandet med medisiner. Vennligst kontakt lege før bruk


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